I have worked for digital agencies for 15 years and I love their fast paced, highly creative and collaborative environments. I'm very much a team player who can't get enough of those tight deadlines.




Technical Manager

Newbury, Berkshire
Jan 2016 - Current 3 years, 1 month
  • Technical Manager for various projects and clients.
  • Providing direction for the development team in support of business operations.
  • Staff recruitment, training and resourcing.
  • Improving processes, security and efficiency on technical projects.
  • C# MVC development utilising Umbraco and Sitefinity.
  • Certified Umbraco Expert
  • Umbraco-CMS Contributor
  • Extending Umbraco by creating C# and AngularJS packages.
  • SQL Server database administration and optimisation.
  • Azure hosting service management and integration:
    • Traffic Manager.
    • Azure DNS.
    • App services / App service plans.
    • SQL servers and databases.
    • Azure Content Delivery Network.
    • Blob Storage.
    • Vision API
      • AI Cognitive Services for analysing imagery.
    • Media Services
      • Encoding-on-demand and adaptive streaming.
    • Application Insights
      • Server monitoring and fault finding.
  • Continuous Integration and Deployment through Azure DevOps.
  • Git source control utilising branches / merging / pull requests. 


Projects include:


Contributed Projects:


Umbraco Related Projects and Packages:

Senior Web Application Developer

Newbury, Berkshire
Jul 2008 - Jan 2016 7 years, 6 months
  • Web development specialising in the Microsoft .net framework.
  • C# MVC and WebForms.
  • Umbraco v6 and v7 experience.
  • Lead developer on top brand projects with tight deadlines, which included team leadership and client liaising.
  • 3rd party integration with various API's.
  • Technical documentation and solution development.
  • Core developer of in-house content management system.
  • Pitching to potential new clients, with success.
  • w3 Gold Winner


Projects included:

Web Application Developer

Jaywing (Graphico)
Newbury, Berkshire
Nov 2006 - Jul 2008 1 year, 7 months
  • Web development specialising in the Microsoft .net framework.
  • C# WebForms.
  • SQL Server & Management Studio.
  • Core developer on large FMCG websites.
  • Multilingual experience with Arabic sites, including bidirectional layouts.
  • Building websites for high profile clients, under tight deadlines alongside creative and client teams. 
  • Creating bulk email notification systems including queuing and SMTP error handling.
  • Database optimisation and architecture for high load websites.
  • Lead on development of a dynamic survey builder. 


Projects included:

Web Programmer

Hurst, Berkshire
Feb 2006 - Nov 2006 8 months
  • ASP VBScript OOP / C# driven websites.
  • Utilising XML and SQL server for databases.
  • Working with bespoke CMS systems to create and maintain entire websites.
  • Following storyboards and functionality specs agreed by all parties.
  • Maintaining ASP websites, whilst developing my knowledge of the technology and
  • Using XML and SOAP to connect to web services for online booking engines.


Projects included: 

  • Ramada Jarvis Hotels

Web Developer

M.A.D Productions
Colden Common, Winchester, Hants
Apr 2005 - Feb 2006 10 months
  • ASP / driven website builds.
  • VBScript
  • SQL Enterprise Manager / MS Access.
  • Full commercial e-commerce solutions, including ordering systems and content management.
  • SEO awareness.
  • Working along side SEO team with proven practices.
  • Responsibilities for quality, security, performance and ease of use.


Projects included:


TNT Magazine
Romsey, Hants & Earls Court, London
Mar 2004 - Apr 2005 1 year, 1 month
  • ASP (Visual Basic and JScript).
  • SQL Enterprise Manager.
  • Controlling the entire TNT Magazine website and development of ASP model.
  • Search Engine Optimisation.
  • Statistical analysis.
  • Invoicing.
  • Site monitoring.
  • Quality control.

Senior Webmaster & Deputy Team Leader

IBM UK Limited
Basingstoke, Hants
Apr 2000 - Mar 2004 3 years, 10 months
  • Prioritising workload for both team and myself and training new starters and country contacts.
  • Statistics analyst, including search optimisation and site accessibility.
  • Frequent collaboration and training with domestic and foreign contacts.
  • Development of EMEA Personal Computing websites.
  • Lead developer for rollout of design updates.

Public Sector Sales Productivity Centre Professional

Basingstoke, Hants
Jul 1999 - Apr 2000 9 months
  • Working with large tender response documents.
  • Supporting the sales team on information gathering and preparation.